Keeping up with the Kids

A crucial part of Talking Oceans is outreach and awareness raising about marine conservation, and recently we had the chance to interact with ~200 pupils from Alex’s old primary school, Hall Grove in Berkshire, England, and tell them a little bit about marine biology, the state of the world’s oceans, and how they can help combat some of the key issues themselves.

We covered important topics like endangered species, overfishing, marine plastic pollution and climate change, and we were very much encouraged by the interest and enthusiasm the Hall Grove students showed about marine biology and conservation, showing a broad knowledge and understanding of these ideas that we would not have had at the same age. However, it was not all about us talking to them….

DSC_1155We took the opportunity to chat with as many of the kids as possible to gain insight into their own modes of communication, and their use of social media to exchange ideas. All the comments pointed to the use of images to communicate ideas, and more specifically that Instagram was the current application of choice among children of that age to share stories.

So we listened, took notes, and the main outcome of the talks is the transition of talking oceans into Instagram!