Funding & Collaborators

Our work is made possible by the generous financial and logistical support of a number of organisations:

Save Our Seas Foundation is our largest funder to date, for the project evaluating elasmobranch critical habitat in the eastern tropical Pacific. See more details on our current projects page.

The World Wildlife Fund Russell E. Train Fellowship supports Juliana’s research investigating historical loss and current protection efficacy of mangroves in the TEP, and the connection to fisheries productivity. Juliana’s work is also directly funded by the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future and the Colombian Department for Science, Technology & Innovation, Colciencias.

We are fortunate to have scientific support & collaborative affiliations with the University of York, Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences, and WorldFish.

In addition, there are many institutions that assist Talking Oceans in the field with logistical & scientific support, such as Conservation International (Costa Rica), MarViva (Colombia), Nazca Institute of Marine Research (Ecuador).

The creative logo of Talking Oceans was designed by Colombian artist Felipe Caro. Find out more about his work here.


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