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ICTs for Small-scale fisheries

A handbook for fisheries stakeholders on the variety and usage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for small-scale fisheries. This report was brought together by Alex and Matt Roscher as a joint publication between the FAO and WorldFish. It was designed to review how ICTs have been used in fisheries to date, what successes or… Read more “ICTs for Small-scale fisheries”

PeskAAS: open-source, near-real time monitoring for small-scale fisheries

The latest publication from Alex came out at the end of 2020 in PLoS One and details the open-source, near-real-time monitoring system that was developed and tested in East Timor. It is probably the most sophisticated national monitoring system for a small-scale fishing fleet in the world, and makes summarised and anonymised data available on… Read more “PeskAAS: open-source, near-real time monitoring for small-scale fisheries”

Buffering fishers to new regulations

A common problem in small-scale fisheries is the lack of data to make rules based on science. Rules to manage fisheries to achieve sustainability, but also to ensure the well-being of local communities. How do we know what effects these new “rules” will have on fisher communities that rely on marine resources for income and food security… Read more “Buffering fishers to new regulations”

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