Get Involved

Get Involved

Sign up as a member! Receive our Voice of the Ocean newsletter with updates on science from the field as well as volunteering and employment opportunities to your inbox. Do you have an interesting story of your experience with the oceans’ current issues? Share it us and we will help it disseminate it to the community of ocean lovers. Spread the word…

We appreciate the help of people from all walks of life who are willing to pledge time or support for our work. Most of the crucial work we do doesn’t involve getting wet; it is often more about informing and motivating people to protect their own resources. We will post volunteer opportunities in our newsletters as they become available.

If you are a budding research scientist or filmmaker, and want to use your holidays to work with us in the field, then get in touch! Details of scientific expeditions and research and job opportunities will be posted here and in our newsletters. However, if you are merely looking for experience in the field, be it for science or more creative pursuits, then let us know and maybe we can help.

If you are interested in carrying out your student research with us (Undergraduate, Masters & PhD), please get in touch. We can supervise and guide fieldwork within the themes of our own projects, and provide logistical support in the regions we work. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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