Alex Tilley PhD

An award-winning fisheries scientist leveraging innovative technologies and approaches to improve wellbeing and sustainability.

lead fisheries scientist

Hi, I’m Alex. The things that keep me busy, challenged and fulfilled are my family and fisheries; the lives and wellbeing of communities that depend on them; and how technologies and approaches can be leveraged to ensure their sustainability. 


Since completing my PhD research on the ecology of stingrays in Belize, I have a postdoctoral fellow at the University of York, the Smithsonian Institution (Colombia, Florida and Myanmar) and WorldFish in Timor-Leste. I am still with WorldFish but now based in Penang, Malaysia.

My research concerns natural resource management with a particular focus in low-income countries and small-island developing states. I am interested in data and information, how it is generated, valued and trusted, and the effects of these processes on decisions in social-ecological systems. My work combines co-design, development and empirical testing of technologies, approaches and innovations to inform policy.  My topical interests include fisheries management, biological diversity, introduced and endangered species, blue economy, livelihoods, and I frequently collaborate with researchers in elasmobranch ecology, coastal zone planning and habitat assessments, biogeography, statistics, and computational biology.

I am interested in the broader conversations and communication about aquatic food systems and how these contribute to feeding a growing planet. I encourage press representatives, event organizers, potential collaborators or institutional partners to contact me.

awards and recognition

2018 CGIAR Big Data Platform Inspire Challenge Award
2019 CGIAR Big Data Platform Inspire Challenge Scale Up award
2021 Rolex Award for Enterprise Finalist

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