Juliana López Angarita

Juliana López Angarita MSc.

Director & Principle Scientist


Juliana has focused her research on the interaction between ecological variables and the social and cultural characteristics of coastal communities. She started her career in marine conservation designing and applying models of social-ecological resilience to determine the effectiveness of marine protected areas and offer management recommendations. She developed this work with a multidisciplinary team supported by NOAA in the Colombian Caribbean.

In 2009 she lead a research project investigating the biological and social dimensions of the parrotfish fishery in Islas del Rosario (Colombia). This project was awarded the Future Conservationist Award by the Conservation Leadership Programme.

Juliana has complemented her academic and technical training thanks to the Global Fellowship in Marine Conservation of Duke University (USA) and an internship at the Wildlife Conservation Society in Belize.

Juliana is conducting her PhD research, with Prof. Callum Roberts & Dr Julie Hawkins in the University of York, leading a regional project that aims to highlight the importance of mangroves and estuaries as key ecosystems in the establishment of sustainable fisheries in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Her work is supported by the Colombian Government, the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future and the WWF’s Russell E. Train Fellowship.

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