Talks & Seminars

We offer Conservation, Sustainable Use, Ecology & Geography based talks from primary school level up to general interest or academic groups. Please contact us at the email below for further information regarding availability, presentation topics etc.

Talks can be tailored to align with a particular interest and/or knowledge level:

  • Aspect of the curriculum or study theme (in schools and colleges)
  • Inspirational talks and presentations
  • Careers Fairs, Science Fairs
  • Special Interest Groups

Some popular talks are:

  • The State of the World’s Oceans
  • An Introduction to Marine Ecology
  • Sharks and Rays
  • A day in the life of a Marine Biologist (Careers or General Interest)
  • Natural Resources & Sustainable Living
  • A Future in Science (Careers)
  • Marine Protected Areas & Communities

Presentations can be given in English or Spanish
Email enquiries to